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  Tall Oaks Yacht Club Racing Announcement 2022

                      Message from the Race Committee Chairman; Steve Stallsmith

Greetings and I hope that everyone is getting their boats ready for another summer season.

We are planning another summer race season that will include six club races including the
popular “Pursuit Race - Ladies Helm Race, and Youth On-Board Race. The Challenge Cup
Race will be run by the Windjammers this year with Tall Oaks hosting the post-race party on
Sept. 24th at the Berkeley Island Pavilion.

TOYC Race Dates:

Sunday June 5 -         Shakedown Race

Saturday June 11 -     Race #1

Saturday June 25 -     Race #2

Saturday July 16 -      Race #3

Saturday July 30 -      Race #4 Youth Crew

Saturday August 13 - Race #5

Saturday August 27 - Race #6 – Ladies at the Helm Pursuit Race


Windjammers – TOYC

Saturday September 24 – TOYC hosts social at Berkeley Island


The cost for racing will be $30.00 for the race season or $10.00 per race for TOYC Members and
$50.00 for the race season or $15.00 per race for Non-Members. We are planning a practice or
Shake-Down race on Sunday June 5th.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have. We hope to
continue to improve our racing as well as increase the number of boats participating.

Best of luck for everyone who ventures out to race and start recruiting your crew now. We
generally have several members who are interested in just crewing and I am sure we usually have
some skippers who could use crew from time to time, so let me know so we can get everyone on
a boat and have a great time sailing in a FUN racing environment


Fair Winds to all,

Steve Stallsmith and the

Tall Oaks Yacht Club Race Committee

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