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34 Years of Tradition

The Tall Oaks Yacht Club was founded in 1990 for the primary purpose of fostering yachting and sportsmanship on the lower Barnegat Bay.

It has always been the intent of the governing officers to guide the club and its members toward developing good sportsmanship and yachting, primarily through the sport of boating.

Mike Palmer TOYC Photo.jpg
A Message from the Commodore  

Hello, from your Commodore

Welcome to TOYC 2024. A few more days and it will be Spring. Thanks to the weather God, the weather this
winter has been mild with little to no snow. Windy but mild. Hope all members are looking forward to a fun
TOYC Summer program.

TOYC 2023 season ended in a ball…a Bowling Ball. What fun we had with members acting like children.
Although a bit sore for days after, we all had a great time. You wouldn’t believe who came in the top 3

The 2024 TOYC event schedule has been posted. Hope you had a chance to review. This year's calendar is
like years past with a few new events. With your input, you the members, have expressed how much fun and
well organized the events have been. It's always great to see everyone joining in and having a great time.

TOYC 2024 Key events-


  • Beach Party Social. Opportunity to get out on the water with your boats, anchor out and join in on a potluck beach party at Berkeley Park.

  • Dinghy Poker Run. Dinghy clash on the river for all to see. (And wishing they could join in)

  • Trips to AC- Memorial Day, Cape May- Labor Day and 4th of July Cruise to LI Sound or the Bay.

  • Mardi Gras themed Social. (Don’t forget your costumes)

  • Carnitas South of the Border theme Social. Still pork, but more beans!


Please contact any TOYC Board Member or email should you have any new ideas
that you would like to have as an event or general suggestions to help your club. We always welcome your

Membership…you will see a host of new members at the events, some participating in the Race series and
others joining in on the Social fun. With the Silver Cloud swap meet and TOYC Concession Stand, the annual
Sock Burning TOYC tent, TOYC has been getting noticed with ne
w members signing up. Not to mention, you,
the Members spreading the word. TOYC FUN!

It is encouraging to hear the positive response from members who attend the events. Thank you all who
helped Host, Attended, and Participate. You, the members, are what make Tall Oaks Yacht Club “The Best
Yacht Club on The Bay.”

We'll stay in touch with more membership info as the 2024 season gets into full swing.
Thank you for reading!

Tall Oaks Yacht Club

Mike Palmer
SV Blue Moon


“TOYC - The Best Yacht Club on the Bay!”

Please welcome the 2024 Board and Committee Chairs
Commodore                            Mike Palmer
Vice Commodore                    Steve Adamowitz
Secretary                                 Christine Kohler
Treasurer                                 David Mergen
Web Master                             Herman Kummler
Quarter Master                        Paul Follman
Nominating Committee            Diane Legates
Nominating Committee            Jane Smith
Race Committee                      Steve Stallsmith

Cruise Director                         Bill Templeton
Facebook Administrator           Christine Kohler
Social Committee/ Marketing   Laura Winterhalter

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