31 Years of Tradition

The Tall Oaks Yacht Club was founded in 1990 for the primary purpose of fostering yachting and sportsmanship on the lower Barnegat Bay.

It has always been the intent of the governing officers to guide the club and its members toward developing good sportsmanship and yachting, primarily through the sport of boating.

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A Message from the Commodore  

Hello again..

Wow! What a year 2020 was. Between Covid, politics, shut downs and all, seemed like the “seas were not friendly my friends.” 

As your Commodore, I am going to do my best to keep us afloat and continue to move forward with scheduling socials and water events for this 2021 season.


Last year-(2020) even with shutdowns and closings, TOYC members enjoyed trips to Atlantic City in May, Cape May in September and a few on the water get togethers including a spectacular evening/ morning on the hook for “The Last Hurrah” on Toms River. Both power boaters and sailors joined in on the fun!

Not to mention our TOYC race series which thanks to 1st year race chairman Steve Stallsmith and crew did a great job keeping us racing. Always a great day on the water!


I am looking forward to lots of new events, planned for both on and off the water. We have 8 race dates planned again this year. Including the “Challenge Cup” race with Windjammers Club which TOYC currently holds the trophy (2019 Win).


With Covid and 2021 being an election year, TOYC Bridge has agreed to continue helping the club and remain on board with one change. Christine Kohler has been designated new TOYC Secretary with Karen Stallsmith stepping down. 


Thank you all for keeping TOYC the best Club on the Bay.

Commodore - Mike Palmer
V Commodore - Paul Hayden
Secretary-  Christine Kohler
Treasure - Sandy Follman
Web Master - Herman Kummler
Quarter Master - Paul Follman
Nominating Committee - Diane Legates
Nominating Committee - Jane Smith
Race Committee - Steve Stallsmith
Cruise Director - Bill Templeton
Facebook - Christine Kohler
Social Committee/ Marketing - Laura Winterhalter

Volunteers are always needed for socials, race committee boat and deck hands and Club organizers required to keep the Club moving forward. 

Let all your friends know how to find us through our website (TOYC.org)  as well as on Facebook a good goal… Let’s keep communicating and sharing Club Plans!


Please look for me coming down your dock to talk boating and ways to get involved. 

I have included my phone below for those of you who have suggestions and /or concerns for the Club.

I hope we can get all skippers and crew to join in the fun. 


Always, be safe and enjoy the 2021boating season!




Mike Palmer

SV Blue Moon

Commodore – TOYC

609.994.6497 C